New Models

Open Sport Version

Queens Yachts Q47 HT

unique in its range, the look of the Queens 47 revealsines and shape totally new,exciting. The “open air” effect is the result of the largely opened top

Queens Yachts Q50 HT

The new 50 Hard Top modem, confortable and aesthetically stunning, all the right qualities for a huge success on the market.

Queens Yachts Q54 HT

clean, essential lines: Queens 54 expresses its beauty through a strong, determinded personality, reinterpreting the “open” concept by innovative shapes and solutions

Queens Yachts Q62 HT

spacious ambients, white surfaces while maintaining brightness in the furnishing and warm wood essences. Flooring and finishing touches in the finest teak add warmth and familiarity

Queens Yachts Q72 HT

the contrast between the soft with leather and the walnut panels interprets even the most sophisticated tastes. The use of black stones creates a unique atmosphere in the sleeping quarters too

Flying Version

Queens Yachts Q50 SF

sporty, elegant silhouette caratherized by novel, large windows and by the fly that although generous in space does not create discontinuities in the lines

Queens Yachts Q86 SF

a sophisticated mix of walnut panels and white lacquers creates a harmonic interplay of colors, and precious leather furniture illuminated by a led system gives a delicate effect

New Projects

Open Sport

Queens Yachts Q58 HT

Coming Soon

Queens Yachts Q74 HT

Coming Soon

Sport Fly

Queens Yachts Q64 SF

Coming Soon

Queens Yachts Q74 SF

Coming Soon

Queens Yachts Q98 SF

Coming Soon

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